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Black Millionaires

October 17, 2017

See how man black millionaires there have been. Click below to read about one of the first http://shopmaggieslist.com/black-millionaire-ag-gaston/

Black Billionaires

September 15, 2017 See how man black billionaires there are. Click below to read about one of the first http://shopmaggieslist.com/reginald-lewis-first-black-billionaire/

Blacks in Blockchain

October 16, 2017 My friend, this blog will educate and liberate the people who want to embrace this technology and free themselves of the costly burdens of banks, lawyers and other intermediaries that get between you and what you purchase. But more importantly, what you want to accomplish, in your world.   http://blacksinblockchain.net/

Video of the Week

The Google Brother

Chris Genteel, Google’s Head of Diverse Markets, caught up with NMSDC TV at the 2015 NMSDC Annual Conference and Business Opportunity Exchange. Check out our discussion about the Small Business Supplier Diversity Program, the explanation of his Google-inspired